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Las Vegas, NV — Dr. Adah Kennon has accomplished much but she is perhaps best known for her work as a novelist – writing romance novels that feature characters treated unfairly through no fault of their own, or who make self-destructive decisions. Free will is the unknown element. Will they overcome barriers which stand between them and their ability to evolve, accept help from the most unlikely sources and reach their true destiny?

A prime example is her most recent novel. The Blessing: Responsibility to Redemption is paranormal in nature. The main character, Ra, is a walking, talking aura that can shape shift and move from ethereal to human form to carry-out his mission in different dimensions. 

A stand-alone product in it’s own right, The Blessing: Responsibility to Redemption is the first book in the Your Vibe…Now Mine trilogy. The provocative story line makes it Adah’s personal favorite and she hopes it will evolve into a television series.

In addition to relatable morals, Adah’s books feature a lot of vibrant imagery and a raw writing style. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. “Writing creatively is quite different than when I wrote reports as a psychologist.”

The Blessing; Responsibility to Redemption and all of Adah’s books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, her website and book signing events she does in her Las Vegas home area.

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