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Needlework …

       from Marie & Michael Boyd  (2/9/19 at 2:41 PM)

On Thursday, the 6th, Michael was scheduled to come home from the hospital and I was trying to find transportation for him since we no longer have our car. I wasn’t sure if ACS would cover that and also I was trying to conserve that option for his trips to his treatments, so I was trying to find alternatives. None of our friends that usually gives us rides were available and I was at the end of all my options.

As Michael told it a nurse came into his room to prepare him for his discharge. She asked if his wife was coming to pick him and he explained to her why I couldn’t pick him up. She told him about the service available through the hospital that provides transportation for patients through their LYFT program and said she would make the arrangements. She asked him if he needed anything else and he couldn’t thing of anything, until she left. He wished he had asked her for face masks since he was almost out of them. Just as he was thinking of it, this same nurse popped her head in the door of his room and asked him if he needed any face masks.

When Michael told me of this story, I thought of what you told me about you and Walter and how you had sent your angel to Michael. I believe that was her. She was a very small, older Asian woman and guess what her name is? ANGELICA. That is a version of Angel, jus like Angie.

I do believe God is watching out for us. Sometimes its just very difficult, but He seems to show up just in time.

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